Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Abstract and Bibliography

My final paper makes the case that college athletics are beneficial for colleges and universities. Colleges and universities have three main sources of revenue: revenue from students attendance, revenue from donations, and revenue from the community.  Due to the growing trend of privatization of public higher education, colleges and universities are now receiving less money from the government, and must raise more money from these private sources.  For this reason, brand image is a very important aspect of colleges and universities.  Brand image is a reputation that is very identifiable and visible to the public.  When a school has good brand image, it allows the school to increase funding from the three revenue streams of student attendance, donations, and from the community.  Participation in athletics is an excellent way for schools to build a brand image, and this means that athletic participation allows schools to increase their funding.  This is very important in an environment in which colleges must compete for funding.

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